Common Procedures Done by Dentists in Farragut, TN

by | Jan 14, 2014 | dentistry

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Attending regularly scheduled visits with your dentist is important for maintaining a high level of oral hygiene and health. Dental professionals always do their best to ensure that you keep your own natural teeth for as long as possible. There are several procedures offered by Dentists in Farragut, TN that treat and prevent common dental health issues such as cavities, plaque buildup, and gum disease and tooth discoloration.

Fillings – One of the most common procedures done in a dentist office is fillings. When a dentist discovers cavities, also known as tooth decay, they use a drill to remove the compromised areas of the tooth before filling it with restorative materials that return the teeth to their original shape, strength and function. Common materials that dentists use to fill teeth include silver and tooth-colored resins.

Extractions – Another common procedure performed by dentists is tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is the process of removing a permanent tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Common reasons for tooth extractions include broken or badly damaged and decayed teeth, as well as removing teeth to facilitate the proper growth of the adjacent teeth, or orthodontic treatment.

Cleanings – Dentists and their hygienists perform regular and thorough dental cleanings on patients to ensure the prolonged health of their teeth and gums. During a deep cleaning, the hygienist removes plaque buildup, flosses between the teeth and polishes the surface of each tooth. After each cleaning, which should happen at least every six months, the dentist checks the teeth for cavities and any other problems to address in a follow-up visit.

Scaling – Scaling is the process of using a dental tool, called a scaler, to remove thick layers of plaque and tartar buildup lodged along the gum line. Left unattended, plaque and tartar harbor bacteria that cause gums to become inflamed and diseased, eventually wearing down the delicate tissues as well as the underlying teeth and bones of the jaw. For individuals who battle with severe plaque buildup, regular scaling during dental appointments is important for preventing periodontal disease.

These are a few of the most common procedures performed by Dentists in Farragut, TN in order to help maintain the optimal health of your teeth and gums. Call today to schedule an appointment with a well-qualified professional dentist Dr. Eades to perform your next dental service.

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