Check Out Getting Invisalign Braces In Redding

by | Oct 17, 2013 | dentistry

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Most of the time, parents of children who have teeth growing in crooked will be advised by their dentist to take them to an orthodontist so they can get braces to straighten the growth of those teeth. Some parents don’t have the funds or insurance to be able to take their children to an orthodontist, so those children grow into adulthood with crooked teeth.

By the time the children have become adults, they are embarrassed to wear traditional wire braces, so they think they just have to live with their crooked teeth. In recent years, dental procedures have developed an answer for these adults. That answer is a new kind of braces called Invisalign. It is now possible to easily locate an Invisalign Redding dentist.

On that site, you will find a dental practice that understands the embarrassment adults have with wearing braces. They can show patients the progress in straightening crooked teeth in adults by using Invisalign aligners.
These are like braces except they are nearly invisible when the patient is wearing them. They can be taken out when eating and for cleaning. As long as the patient wears them at all other times, they will find their teeth will begin to straighten. Over a certain amount of time, the dentist will exchange the aligners for new ones at specific intervals until the teeth are straight.

Once the treatment is completed, the patient will be told to come in at least once a year so the dentist can check to see if the straightened teeth are trying to grow crooked again. If they are, a new Invisalign aligner will be provided to get them back to growing straight.

If you are an adult with crooked teeth or teeth that have gaps between them, and you want to get them fixed, you should make an appointment with the Invisalign Redding dentist to get the repair process started. Once you have your teeth fixed, you will never again have to be embarrassed about having crooked teeth or teeth with gaps. Don’t wait any longer; make that appointment today


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