A Dentist in Laurel, MS Keeps Mouths Healthy and Beautiful

by | Oct 25, 2013 | dentistry

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Choosing a Dentist in Laurel, MS is an important decision. A person’s oral health is connected to the rest of their body. The bacteria that causes gum disease has long been associated with heart disease. In addition, a recent medical study found an association between pancreatic cancer and the same bacteria. While more study is needed to fully understand that link, it underscored the value of a healthy mouth. Dr. Paul R. Felder, DMD provides Mississippi residents with a full range of dental care including family dentistry, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. He wants patients to feel so appreciated that he gives them an at-home teeth whitening kit after their first visit.

Good dental health is a partnership between the patient and the dentist. It’s important for the patient to have two dental checkups a year. During these appointments, the dentist or dental hygienist scrape away the plaque or tartar that builds up on the teeth and along the gumline. They will also check to see if there are any signs of decay or infection in the patient’s mouth. A check for oral cancer is also part of the examination. Finding this deadly disease early, gives the patient a better chance of survival. If the dentist sees parts of the patient’s mouth that have more plaque build-up than other spots, he will show the patient how to properly brush and floss to remove it. Not only will it keep the patient’s teeth and gums healthier, their next checkup will go much faster.

Dentists know that dental care can be difficult for patients to afford. Patients should look for a dentist in Laurel MS such as Dr. Felder, DMD who take most dental insurance plans including CHIPS and Medicaid. For patients who don’t qualify for any of these programs, the Care Credit payment plan option is available. Therefore when patients have a dental emergency, they know they can access effective dental care quickly. They can have a root canal and porcelain crown that preserves their natural root. Older people can have broken dentures repaired or replaced. Often having an attractive smile keeps Seniors engaged in their community longer. It also keeps them healthier because they are able to easily eat more nutritious foods.

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