Are Invisalign Braces Right for You? Get Straight Teeth in Lincoln Park

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Dentist

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Misaligned teeth not only look crooked and unsightly, but they can also make it harder to clean your teeth and eat properly. No one wants to experience pain when they bite into delicious foods, such as apples, but you may encounter such issues if you have crooked teeth. Lincoln Park residents no longer have to suffer through the pain or deal with metal braces. Invisalign are clear braces that are hardly noticeable and can be more comfortable to wear. Learning the benefits may help you decide if these clear braces are right for you.


One of the biggest downfalls of metal braces is the fact that you can see them. You have metal brackets on each tooth and metal lines going between them. While it may be more socially acceptable as a child, adults in Lincoln Park may not want to deal with them. Invisalign, while not completely clear, aren’t as noticeable. If people respect your personal space, they probably won’t notice anything.

More Comfortable

Traditional metal braces have to be put on by a professional and cannot be removed until the dental professional says it’s time. Likewise, you may be required to go for multiple follow-up appointments to have them tightened (which can be painful). Invisible braces are more like liners or trays. You remove them whenever you want to eat or clean your teeth (and keep them off while sleeping). Therefore, you can be more comfortable while dealing with your daily life.


Metal braces come with small bits and wires that can protrude out from the brackets, causing pain. Plus, they can scratch the surface of the tooth or the gums, which could lead to an infection.

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