Achieving Your Perfect Smile

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Dentist

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Are you ever embarrassed by your crooked, chipped, yellowing, or misshapen teeth? Do you see your smile in pictures and wish there were a way to fix your teeth to match your bright personality? If you feel you could use help with any of these common dental imperfections, you should consider going to a cosmetic dentist in West Covina.

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way to improve your self-image, and can change the way you are perceived by others. A great smile can be seen as a friendly and warm welcome—attracting others to you when you are trying to give a great first impression.

Whether the changes you want to see in your smile are great or small, a cosmetic dentist in West Covina can boost your confidence and help you achieve the perfect smile you have been dreaming of.

While some cosmetic dentistry is more dramatic in that it can change the entire appearance of your smile, simple cosmetic procedures exist as well. One common technique of a cosmetic dentist in West Covina is teeth whitening. Depending on your budget and the condition of your teeth, cosmetic whiting may be an affordable option to help you create that radiant smile you have been looking for. A bright white smile is an invitation to others of approachability as it gives your smile a clean, sparkly, and inviting look.

A cosmetic dentist in West Covina is also capable of filling gapped spaces between teeth or filling areas where teeth have been damaged or decayed. This is done using composite fillings. Composite fillings are the same color as your natural tooth, making the replacement less noticeable and more attractive.

Replacing an old, unappealing silver filling with a porcelain onlay is a nice way to brighten your smile using a simple cosmetic procedure. More dramatic results can be achieved with porcelain veneers. Veneers are custom made pieces of porcelain used to dramatically change the appearance of your smile. The veneer is shaped and polished by a professional cosmetic dentist’s lab to fit your individual smile. The veneer is tightly bonded to your teeth giving you the appearance of a perfect smile.

While veneers are very strong and durable, they are not permanent fixtures and may need replacement or repair later down the road. They can be used to correct oddly shaped, extremely crooked, or overly damaged yellow teeth.

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