A Root Canal Can Save An Infected Tooth

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Dentist

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If a tooth is badly decayed or infected, the dentist may suggest root canal therapy. A root canal in Chicago is a dental procedure that is done when the pulp, that is the part of the tooth that carries the nerves and blood vessels, becomes infected and inflamed. The actual root canal therapy involves removing the pulp from the chamber, cleaning the chamber completely and sealing it.

Patients seem to have an inordinate fear of a root canal; they make the assumption that the procedure will be painful. It actually is no more painful than any other dental procedure although it is often more time consuming. What is painful is an infected tooth, the treatment is not.

* Dental pulp; what is it?
In simple terms, a tooth is made up of the outer enamel coating, under that is the dentin and in the center of the tooth is the pulp chamber. This is the soft tissue that contains the tooth nerves and the life sustaining blood vessels. The nerve is located in the leg of the tooth root. The nerve is not an integral part of the tooth’s health, the function of the nerve is strictly sensory. The absence of the nerve will have no day to day impact on the function of the tooth other than the fact that heat and cold will not be felt.

* Why is a root canal a necessity?
A root canal in Chicago becomes necessary when the pulp is damaged, bacteria begin to multiply and an infection, called an abscess, sets in. An abscess is a pocket of puss on the end of the tooth root.

The pulp can become damaged as a result of repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, extremely large fillings, trauma or cracks.

You may need a root canal in Chicago if you get a severe tooth ache, if your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, if your tooth begins to darken or your gums start swelling in the affected area.

A root canal in Chicago is a typical dental procedure; it has no impact on the long term function of the tooth.  If you are suffering from the effects of pulp damage you are invited to seek treatment at Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore. Visit us for more details.

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