3 Qualities of a Good Dentist

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Dentist

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Everyone, on some level or another, fears their dentist. For the most part, this is just basic instinct, being wary of someone sticking sharp objects into your mouth. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Northridge, here are the main signs to watch out for while on the hunt for a good dentist.

#1. Dexterity

This kind of goes without saying, but a dentist is required to have really good manual dexterity. The mouth is a very small, constantly moving and shifting place to work, and one slip up can lead to patient injury. Look up reviews of prospective dental clinics and see how people respond to the dentist’s dexterity. If it’s mostly positive, then you’re in the clear. This is an important detail to consider, as to not only prevent injury, but to make sure that the dentist will be able to spot/treat a problem in your mouth should one exist.

#2. Friendly and Interpersonal

A dentist needs to be good at making small talk. You and your patient are in, what many would consider to be, a very awkward situation. They’re leaned back, holding their mouth open, while a stranger is leaning in to a degree most people would otherwise deem uncomfortable. A dentist needs to be the one to break the ice. Another good trait that would add to this is the ability to read people, find out what they would like to talk about based on their attire, body language etc. and then use that information to make the scenario more casual.

#3. Business minded

With most dentist offices, the dentist is the owner of the establishment. So, it stands to reason that a good dentist is also a good businessman/woman. They need to be good at marketing their practice, hiring reliable staff, getting the best equipment, and handling all of the legal requirements that come with owning a dental practice.

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