Why You Need an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dental Services

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Emergency dental services differ from other dental services that require you to make an appointment ahead of time. Emergency dental care is used for those times when you need help with a tooth or mouth problem immediately or at least within 24 hours. When you Choose a Quality Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley, you can feel sure you are getting the best services for your emergency needs. The following will cover why you need to choose a dentist that offers emergency dental services.

Broken Tooth

You can break a tooth at any time and anywhere. Some people have softer teeth that break more easily as well. A broken tooth is not something you should neglect to have treated on an emergency basis at your dentist. It doesn’t matter how your tooth gets broken, but it does matter how soon you get care for that tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth

If you lose a tooth due to trauma, this is considered a job for an Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley. Sports-related injuries, car accidents, and falls can all cause a tooth to get knocked out of its socket. When this happens it is important to see your dentist right away. This is not a dental issue that can wait a day or two.

Denture Damage

If a tooth comes out of dentures or a bridge, this is an emergency dental problem. Dentures, bridges, and other appliances like them should be fixed immediately.

Tooth Pain

If you get a bad toothache that is not remedied with over-the-counter remedies, you need to see your dentist right away. That pain could be a sign of infection, abscess, gum disease, or other serious dental problems. Regardless of why you are having tooth pain, it needs to be addressed immediately.


When a tooth cannot be saved and may compromise other teeth, it needs to be extracted. This is something a dentist tries to avoid doing, but sometimes there is no other option. This is something that is an emergency in most cases since extractions are often done after serious mouth pain.

You don’t have to suffer with tooth problems when you have a local dentist that can help you with all your dental needs. Your Emergency Dentist in Lehigh Valley is your go-to place for dental emergencies. Bethlehem Family Dental offers quality emergency services for your family. They also provide quality general and Cosmetic Dentistry for the whole family.

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