Why Kids Teeth Pediatric Dentist is the Coolest Place for Kids

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Dentist

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Kids Teeth Pediatric Dentist is the coolest place for kids. Going to the dentist is scary, but not at Kids Teeth. Kids living close enough will get to experience a dentist visit like no other. Parents can relax knowing their child is well taken care of.

With Children in Mind

Kids Teeth treats kids from infants to young adults. Patients are treated with their ages in mind and are spoken to at their own level. Kids Teeth also has professional experience working with kids with special needs. The dentists are trained to work with special needs children.


Kids Teeth uses the tell-show-do method to make the process more comfortable for kids. The child will usually sit on the parent’s lap and the dentist will talk eye-to-eye, or knee-to-knee, with the patient using language he will understand. The dentist will explain the procedure and then show the patient the tools and steps often using fake teeth. Once the child understands and feels comfortable, the dentist will perform the procedure.


At Kids Teeth Pediatric Dentist, comfort is important. Each room is decorated with a certain theme including rainforest, under the sea, and bugs. Children can wear headphones and watch a movie or listen to music while work is done so they don’t hear the sounds of the machines. For the particularly scared child, the dentist will use nitrous oxide. The dentists are trained to use it properly and safely.


Patients at Kids Teeth are spoiled. Adults are jealous of them. The waiting room has a tumble play area for jumping around as well as several video games. The hallway is made of stone complete with a waterfall. Along the walls are round fish tanks with real fish to watch swim around. With so much to see and do, the child never has a chance to feel scared.


Kids Teeth offers sealants for kids. Teeth have tiny holes where bacteria from food build up, even with everyday brushing, and helps cavities develop. Liquid sealant is poured over clean teeth and cured. It is not noticeable at all. It creates a clear, invisible wall around the teeth so that bacteria can’t get in the holes. That means no cavities.





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