When to Call Emergency Dentist in Pomona

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Emergency circumstances do happen. In case of medical emergencies, the emergency room is the common facility that is designated for this situation but what about emergencies that involves the teeth? Even though your dentist can take care of your dental health, there are some instances wherein the dentist is not available or your condition needs a prompt treatment. If you live in Pomona, you need to look for the right one but how would you know if when to call emergency dentist in Pomona?

Not Too Serious Dental Emergencies

Before you contact an emergency dentist, keep in mind that there are some conditions that your family dentist can treat even after hours it occur such as loose crowns, lost fillings, trouble with root canal, toothache, abscess, swollen gums, mouth ulcers, tooth decay, chipped tooth and broken dentures. The above mentioned conditions are considered minor or not too serious. Meaning, these conditions can still wait until the morning. To relieve the pain temporarily you can just take medications like pain killers.

Serious Dental Emergencies

Serious dental emergencies are also called as accidental injuries or oral injuries. These urgent situations are very common in car accidents, sporting accident and playing children, which require an immediate dental treatment that cannot wait until the morning or until their dentists are available. As you know, an emergency dentist does have enough facilities and amenities that are ideal for these services.

When to Contact Emergency Dentist

Dental trauma or emergencies that involve the mouth and face needs urgent attention are infections, serious lacerations, loss of consciousness, swelling of the neck or face area, severe bleeding, dislocated, broken or fractured jaw and other serious injuries that cannot be treated temporarily by yourself. This is important because the emergency can provide the needed treatment or action for a certain urgent condition.

A good emergency dentist in Pomona is not the typical dentist that we know, even though some dentist can also enhance their education and training towards this form of dentistry. These dentists usually are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It is part of their oath to provide immediate care even if it is during midnight or early morning. They can be contacted in case there’s a vehicular accident or a sporting accident happened to provide the injured person an immediate care.

The main duty of an emergency dentist is to provide the adequate care and treatment to the patient. Remember that they should be just contacted in emergency dental situations only. Do not contact an emergency dentist if the case is just a typical toothache or mouth ulcers. When finding an emergency dentist you have just to make sure that they have the experience and skills needed, so that they can provide the right treatment.

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