What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening in Easton

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Dental Services

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Everyone dreams about having that perfect set of white teeth. However, there are many complications that make it an impossible feat to achieve. Some of the common reasons why people have discolored teeth include:

*    Poor dental hygiene, especially not brushing regularly

*    Drinking too much of dark drinks like coffee and coke

*    Smoking

Water and dental care products that contain a lot of fluoride

The problem with teeth discoloration is that it really affects a person’s self-confidence. In fact, it makes it very difficult for a person to talk in front of people. The good news is that, with the new improved cosmetic dental procedures, it is very easy to regain the natural whiteness of teeth. Here is what you should know about Teeth Whitening in Easton.

Why you should avoid bleaches

Most people think that the process of whitening the teeth is one that they can do at home. In fact, there are quite a number of bleaches that are sold over the counter. However, it is not advisable to do this. Some of the most common complications that arise from using bleaches include:

*    Overusing the bleaches can lead to tooth damage. The enamel will take an unnatural bluish tinge making the teeth look unnatural. Also, in case you have an unfilled cavity, bleaching at home will damage the root of the tooth. Click here

*    Zingers: These are sudden sharp pains that are experienced by people that use bleaches.

*    Dentin hypersensitivity and tooth discoloration: Excessive bleaching makes the dentin extremely sensitive. There is also the risk of over-bleaching which causes teeth discoloration. Over-bleaching also discolors the gums and damages them.

*    The most dangerous thing about bleaches is that they contain hydrogen peroxide which is carcinogenic by nature. This means that a careless use of the product eventually leads to oral cancer.

All this goes to show that if you have a discoloration problem, you should only let a dentist guide you through the process of Teeth Whitening in Easton. In case you have a bleaching mishap, you should try and call in an Emergency Dentist for treatment. For more information about healthy and safe ways to whiten teeth, go to website.com.


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