What To Look For In A Family Dentistry Practice in New Hartford, NY

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Dental Services

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What should you look for in the “perfect” dental practice? You will want a relaxed and caring office that provides all of the highest quality dental care that your family might need. You will, of course, want general service dentistry in New Hartford, NY that can provide annual cleaning of your teeth and do quality examinations as well as detect and treat gum diseases. For a family, you will want a Pediatric Dentist, to provide specialized care for the younger children, A Periodontal specialist who can take care of the structures supporting and surrounding the teeth, A Endonotic Dentist that specializes in doing root canals and perhaps an Implant specialist that can replace extracted or lost teeth and implant anchors for bridges and dentures. You will also want the service of a cosmetic dentist that does all of the procedures to help make your smile perfect.

cosmetic dentistry Procedures you might need:


Night mouth Guards



Professional teeth whitening

Tooth colored fillings




TMJ treatments

Your family Dentistry in New Hartford, NY should also provide molars sealant to protect those back teeth from decay and cavities. The first molars come in at age 5- 7and a second set comes between the ages of 11 and 14. For this reason, you will want the Pediatric Dentist to handle this procedure because it is one of the special procedures available for young children that they have been trained in performing. Drs. Glenn can explain just how important placing a sealant on the molars is.

A Periodontal specialist will be able to provide treatment for infections of the gums. Left untreated gum infections can lead to unexpected tooth loss and studies have found links to strokes, heart disease, increased risk for pregnant women and diabetes. Fear that dental surgery was painful kept many people with gum diseases from seeking the treatment they needed in the past. With advances in dentistry, those days of dental surgery are gone forever.

You may not find the absolutely perfect family dental practice, but if you know what the perfect one has, you can find one that has as many of the specialities working together as are available. Research is the key to finding the best family dental practice in your area, and that is the one you want treating your family.

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