What Patients Should Know About Dental Implant Surgery in Garden City, NY

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Dental Services

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New York residents evaluate potential opportunities for restoring their smile. With these assessments, they determine what choices meets their unique challenges and provide the most benefits. Dental Implant Surgery in Garden City NY is among the restoration options available to these residents.

Why are Implants a Better Solution?

The implants are permanent. They don’t require adhesives to keep them in place. They don’t require the alteration of surrounding teeth to secure them. The patient won’t experience any potentially embarrassing results due to slippage or sudden damage. Additionally, they are strong and long lasting products.

How are They Installed?

The dentist evaluates the current condition of the jaw. The strength of the jaw determines if additional steps are needed. It must support the implant properly before the dentist can install it. If the jawbones are weakened or thin, the dentist must create implant bone grafts.

The next step required the surgical installation of the titanium root. It is positioned in the exact space in which the implant tooth will be installed. While it heals, the dentist provides a temporary bridge for the patient. This allows them to eat without fear of damaging the root. During the initial recovery time, a lab creates the implant tooth from a cast acquired by the dentist.

The final step is connecting the abutment on the root to the implant tooth. Once the tooth is in place, the dentist tests the connection to ensure that it is secure. Each step of the implantation process is performed while the patient is under general anesthetic.

What is the Patient’s Outlook After Surgery?

These implants are successful for ninety percent of patients. As long as the tooth in integrated properly and supported, the outlook is favorable. However, if issues arise, the dentist can perform repairs to help maintain the tooth.

In New York, dental professionals evaluate patients and determine what restoration method is best for them. The condition of their jaw or surrounding teeth could affect this choice. However, additional strategies could increase their success rate for their selected option. Patients who wish to undergo dental implant surgery in Garden City NY should check out website for additional details.

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