What is a Family Dentist in Highlands Ranch?

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Dental Care

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A family dentist is just like any other dentist in that he is there to provide services and care that relate to good oral hygiene and health of your teeth. Sometimes a family dentist might be referred to as a general dentist but there can actually be differences between the two. Here is a quick rundown about what a family dentist is.

There are dentists who limit their practice as far as what sort of patients they are willing to work on, be it either adults or children. Many prefer to only work with one or the other depending on what they are most comfortable with. A good family dentist in Highlands Ranch or any other area almost always works with both adults and children, possessing both the skill and the confidence to care for both. A family dentist does all of the standard dental care such as cleaning, removing any built up plaque, filling cavities, checking the gums, and anything else that can be expected out of a general check up visit. But there are also family dentists who provide many more services than just the basics. There are those who also provide cosmetic procedures, such as whitening, straightening, putting in veneers, and more.

In some cases, depending on the purpose of the visit, a family dentist will take radiograph images to assist with detecting things such as cavities, or looking for problems with the jaw itself. If problems are spotted, the dentist is often capable of treating a wide variety of them depending on the individual situation. Fillings can be provided for areas with cavities if the cavity is not too serious at that point, or if it is, procedures such as root canals can be performed. A family dentist can also do other things such as crowns or implants as needed. As well, other work such as whitening or straightening of the teeth can be done. A family dentist is far from being limited to just cleaning and looking for problems, only to send the patient off to a specialist for further treatment. More and more, these dentists are learning it all and taking on a variety of tasks themselves.

While a family dentist sees children, his office may not be set up the same way a pediatric dentist’s office likely would be. For those who only see children, their offices are typically designed to appeal to children, offering brightly colored walls and decorations, not to mention toys, books, or games to play with while waiting. The environment of a family dentist’s office may be more of the standard sort, which can be a bit bland, though it’s possible that some may have an area set aside with items exclusively for children. This makes for a great distraction from what can be an otherwise scary setting for kids.

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