What does a family dentist do?

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Dental Care

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As the name implies, a family dentist is one who provides dental care for everyone in the family; from the young to the old. Family dentists in Highland Park offer a wide range of services from checkups to emergency services.

As a matter of course family dentists work with established patients as well as new ones, managing all facets of their dental care. A major part of what family dentists in Highland Park do is routine examinations and cleanings as well as addressing specific concerns such emerging dental disease. Although most patients visit the practice every six months, patients with chronic dental problems will most often require closer maintenance and ongoing monitoring to ensure that all dental needs are met. If a patient has a problem which falls outside that which is offered by the practice the dentist will refer the patient to a specialist. Should a referral be deemed necessary the family dentist will provide the specialist practitioner with the patient’s dental history.

Many family dentists in Highland Park offer cosmetic dental procedures along with the treatment of basic dental problems such as filling cavities. The cosmetic dental services that are offered include dental implants but rarely will a family dentist offer complex oral surgery and in many cases the patient will be referred should braces be needed. Although the family dentist may make referrals to specialists for certain procedures, in most cases the family dentist continues to provide general dental care such as checkups and cleaning.

A patient can stay with a family dental practice throughout their lives, from early childhood, through the teen year’s right up to old age. In many cases unique equipment is required to deal with paediatric patients. As a child’s mouth and teeth are still growing a child presents a different set of concerns that that of a patient who is mature. As a patient ages; the family dentist can constantly monitor and manage any ongoing issues that are of concern and provide the preventative care needed. Over the years the dentists in Highland Park get to know their patient’s quite well and they are fully aware of their full medical history, this makes it easier for the dentist to catch problems before they become more serious.

In some large dental practices there may be several dentists who not only provide general dentistry but also include specialists. This can be convenient for the patient and the dentists as the patients entire dental history is readily available.

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