Using A Dentist In Mankato MN And Helpful Tips To Care For Broken Teeth

by | Aug 8, 2013 | dentistry

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Broken or knocked out teeth are no laughing matter. A number of people are faced with this dental problem everyday. Many people are left with smiles that show chipped and missing teeth. Some people don’t bother to fix the problem while others feel that they can’t. Contrary to what some believe, chipped or dislodged teeth can be repaired if you attempt to do so in a timely manner. A Dentist in Mankato MN can help you with this problem. However, if you’re not near a dentist that very second, it would help to learn a few tips to help yourself. Pay attention to the following in case you ever encounter this problem.

Having a tooth knocked out is a serious problem. If the situation is not taken care of immediately, the person could not only lose a tooth, but they could also lose an excess amount of blood in the process. If you want to save your tooth, one of the first things you should do is gather the pieces that have been knocked out. It doesn’t matter if the tooth has been chipped in half, it can still be repaired if you see an emergency Dentist in Mankato, MN in time.

Handle the tooth very carefully. You only want to interact with the crown of the tooth and not the root. Excess tampering with the tooth can cause more damage, and could affect a dentist’s ability to make repairs. Make sure there is no excess debris attached to the tooth. Carefully rinse the tooth with warm water before continuing.

In some instances, you can reinsert the tooth on your own without the help of a Dentist in Mankato MN. These instances typically involve a tooth that has been “cleanly” dislodged. Before reinserting the tooth you should rinse your mouth out with warm water. If you can, carefully reinsert the tooth in the correct socket. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, place it in a small amount of milk. When teeth are knocked loose they run the risk of drying out. If this happens, the tooth will be unable to be reinserted. Milk acts as a preservative, and will prevent the tooth from drying.

After you’ve done all you can do it’s time to contact a Dentist in Mankato, MN. Even if you’ve successfully reinserted the tooth, you should have a dentist carefully analyze it as a precaution.

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