Understanding the Work of a Periodontist, Schedule a Consultation in Arlington Heights

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Dentist

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Most people are quite familiar with the work of a dentist. They understand that they provide routine checkups, dental crowns, dental veneers, and fillings, in addition to some other services. Many people, however, have never visited a periodontist and are unfamiliar with the work that they do. If you are facing any gum problems, you should find help from a specialist in Arlington Heights.

Focused on Gum Problems

A periodontal practitioner focuses mainly on the challenges people face with their gums. To practice in this specialized field, they must undergo additional and specialized training. This gives them the in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the typical gum problems.

Some of the conditions that may require their services include bleeding or highly-sensitive gums, gum disease, and advanced periodontal disease. It is vital that people showing the initial signs of any discomfort with their gums seek expert medical attention. These signs and symptoms often indicate the onset of gum disease which can lead to severe consequences if not treated in time. An infected gum is very uncomfortable to have. This condition develops into a periodontal disease which is characterized by receding gums. It may also result in tooth loss among other complications.

A periodontal specialist has all the knowledge and expertise to examine and diagnose the affected gums. Once they know the extent of the issue, they can prescribe the appropriate treatment. They can also provide patients with instructions and education on how to best take care of their gums. Many people do not exercise proper dental hygiene and brushing techniques. Poor dental hygiene is the primary cause of gum infection and is, therefore, the primary area to combat the issue.

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