Understanding the Root Canal Treatment in Beachwood NJ

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Dental Services

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Root Canal Treatment in Beachwood NJ is a procedure that is meant to preserve, rather than save, a dead tooth. The term preserve is used, rather than save because a root canal is similar to mummification of a tooth. When it is time to get a root canal, it will be too late to save the tooth’s life since it is either already severely infected or dying.

Now, the question some patients have been why they should mummify a dead tooth. This is to keep the tooth in the mouth. Some wonder why pulling the tooth would not be a better option. After all, if the tooth is already dead, it serves no purpose, right? If the tooth is pulled and a hole remains, then it may cause the jaw to begin to deteriorate. If an implant can be placed in the hole, then the jaw should be protected, but some patients opt not to have this done, which can cause issues down the road.

However, the main reason most people choose Root Canal Treatment in Beachwood NJ rather than a dental implant is because it is just easier to keep the natural tooth, even if it is dead. This is because the structure of the tooth will be able to be used for talking and chewing.

The root canal procedure is when the infected tissue inside of the tooth is removed. Essentially, the entire tooth, the pulp and nerve are removed, which are the source of the pain. However, the root canal can cause the tooth to become brittle, as well, which means it will be more prone to fracture. This is why a crown will have to be placed by a dentist shortly after the root canal procedure. This protects the tooth from damage caused by daily use.

Take some time to visit us to learn more. Being informed about the root canal process, how it is done and the benefits it offers can help a person determine if it is right for them. If it is, then they should discuss the option with their dentist to ensure that it makes sense for the issue that is present.

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