Types of Tooth Restorations

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Dental Services

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There are plenty of dentist offices that offer dental implants in Toms River NJ. You’re never at a loss of options when it comes to tooth restoration, dental implants is just one-way. When you’re seeking restorative dentistry, you also have plenty of options. Tooth restoration involves your dentist restoring or replacing teeth that are missing or chipped. When you have chipped or missing teeth, you tend to lose your confidence. Well, just know that not all is helpless. There are a variety of ways that you can get your glowing smile back. You shouldn’t have to laugh less because of a missing or chipped tooth.

What are Your Options

Here is a list of the most common tooth restorations:

Crowns- A crown is put on top of a tooth in order to stabilize a bridge, conceal an implant, shape your tooth or strengthen your teeth.

Fillings- Fillings are fairly common. Your tooth is filled with either amalgam, silver, plastic, gold or a resin filling.

Dentures- Dentures are made from acrylic resin and metal. They can either replace all of your teeth or some of your teeth. Partial dentures are used when you still have some of your natural teeth. Dentures are also removable.

Bridges- A bridge is a made to bridge a gap between your teeth. They are placed on both sides by crowns and permanently implanted.

Implants- An implant replaces a damaged or missing tooth. They are made of metal and put in your bone socket wherever you have missing teeth. A crown is then placed over the implanted tooth or teeth. It is easy to get dental implants in Toms River NJ because many practices offer the procedure.

Tooth Restoration Services

Although there are many different dentist offices that may offer tooth restoration services, it is best if you go to a dentist who specializes in such services. You are often able to get more comprehensive treatment. Do your research and locate a dental office in your area that will openly and patiently explain their dental restoration process with you prior to using their services. If they rush you and do not take the time to answer all of the questions you have related to their restoration procedures, you may need to keep searching. If you have met with a dental office and you feel comfortable with the information they have provided to you, move forward and schedule your procedure. You’ll be smiling again before you know it! Click here for more information.

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