Types Of Dental Implants In Charleston, SC: Be In The Know

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Dentist

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Did you just lose a tooth? Perhaps you are tired of the dentures and how they keep falling out? Don’t worry; dental implants are the best things in town offering numerous benefits over most tooth replacement options. Continue reading to educate yourself more about the various types of dental implants you can explore.

Endosteal implants

This type of dental implants in Charleston, SC, is known to be the most prevalent. After an assessment, your dentist will recommend endosteal implants if you have a healthy jawbone and gums that can support the dental implants. Your dentist will place the screw-like titanium posts in your jawbone and allow the surgical site to heal. The healing time also gives space for the implant and jawbone to fuse.

Subperiosteal implants

If your dentist doesn’t find you a good candidate for the endosteal implants, he or she may suggest subperiosteal as an alternative. During the procedure, the dental implants in Charleston, SC, will be placed on top of the bone, underneath the gums. Your dentist will plant a metal frame under the gums and a post linked to it. The gums are then allowed to heal, anchoring the framework in place.

Zygomatic implants

These are the least common types of dental implants in Charleston, SC. They are recommended for patients with inadequate jawbone density. Here, your dentist will plant the dental implants in your cheekbone rather than the jaw.

Do you have questions and concerns about dental implants before getting them? Call us now to book an appointment. We will provide all the answers and attend to your dental needs.

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