Top Lame Excuses People Make to Keep From Going to the Dentist in Farmingdale

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Uncategorized

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Many people suffer from a phobia when it comes to visiting a Dentist in Farmingdale. This is a genuine fear for some individuals who have a terrible time coping when they visit their dentist. The anxiety takes over and some individuals will require sedation for a simple exam with no procedures involved. That is one of the main excuses that people make to keep them from visiting their dental professional. Anyone who suffers from this anxiety should share this information with their dentist so they will be able to provide some type of sedation. While fear is the main problem for some patients, there are others that will make lame excuses to try and get out of routine dental visits. Here are some of the top lame excuses people make to keep from visiting their dentist.

These excuses aren’t near as common with Emergency Dentist visits.

Illness comes in as one of the top lame excuses that will lead someone to cancel their appointment. They will suddenly have the flu, a stomach virus or other illness that prevent them from leaving home.

Another lame excuse people use is their job. They will claim they cannot get off from work in order to visit the Dentist in Farmingdale.

Others may use their children as an excuse by saying they are unable to get someone to care for their children while they go for their dental appointment. This is a very common excuse used by many patients.

There are people who will claim their car has broken down and sometimes this is one of the last minute lame excuses that a person will make. Without a vehicle, they certainly can’t make their appointment, so that’s why they use this excuse.

Other excuses such as not having a ride for those that don’t drive to claiming their elderly parent or grandparent is sick and needs them are all on the list of top excuses that people will make to keep from going to the Dentist in Farmingdale.

While these excuses are lame, and everyone knows this, sometimes they stem from the fear that people have of dentists. It’s better to go ahead and go to those dental appointments to ensure that your oral health is well taken care of. The lame excuses only work for so long and it’s important to understand that routine visits to the dentist are essential for the overall health of a person.

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