Tooth extractions, prevention is better than cure

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Dentists

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It is true, if you do not take good care of your teeth right from the start, you would definitely be missing them the most by the age of 50. An effective and proper dental care will keep your mouth clean and fresh with sparkling and strong teeth. A great smile definitely boosts ones confidence psychologically. Tooth extractions are the last option and are usually conducted when saving the tooth is not possible.

When is Tooth extractions performed?

Other possibilities of tooth extractions are when baby teeth are present and are posing to be an obstacle to the emergence of permanent teeth. Tooth extractions have been a painful procedure in the past, but thanks to the advancement in technology, unwanted teeth are removed with the help of anaesthesia. This makes the process rather painless. Normally when a tooth is broken or damaged due to decay, tooth extractions are conducted. There are many illnesses and drugs that when consumed affect the immune system causing your teeth to weaken. If they cannot be saved by root canal, a tooth extraction is the next alternative. Teeth can be extracted either in the simple way or even surgically. Surgical tooth extractions are done when the tooth that has to be removed is impossible to be extracted by the simple way.

What can be done?

The above problems can be avoided by following a few simple procedures. Brushing your teeth regularly helps maintain a healthy mouth. Flossing is the most important factor that helps avoid tooth extractions.



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