The Tooth Filling Procedure Used by a Dentist in Midwest City, OK

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Dentist

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Try as we might to prevent them, at some point most people will get at least once cavity. A Dentist in Midwest City, OK is always ready to fill these teeth as needed. Waiting too long after discovering a cavity is not recommended, as it could lead to bigger and more expensive problems in no time. Fillings are not as scary as some popular media portrayals have made them out to be.

A Dentist in MasMidwest City, OK on starts the procedure by giving the patient a shot to numb the mouth. If preferred a gas such as nitrous oxide will be administered instead. The dentist drills out all the dead, decayed areas of the tooth’s surface. Don’t let the sound of the drill scare you. It is quite thin, and barely noticeable.

High speeds are used to break through the tough enamel, while lower speeds are used to work in the softer dentin area. Some dentists also use lasers to do a completely thorough job. The drilled hole is shaped by removing any jagged pieces that may catch food and tear. When it is ready, a filling preparation is placed inside. A liner may be inserted in some cases in order to prevent the sensitive pulp.

Pulp infections are serious and would require a root canal, so it is important to keep it sterile. This is where the nerves are located, so infection is extremely painful. The materials used are all biologically compatible, and include resin composites, and zinc oxide. Gold is another choice. When the filling has been successfully added, it will be smoothed and polished.

The patient may notice some sensitivity after having a cavity filled. Certain foods, or hot and cold beverages can make this very noticeable, and it’s annoying. However, it is completely normal. Once the area is no longer numb, it will feel odd, but this should subside overnight. If it subsists for over two weeks, than it may be a good idea to see your Dentist In Midwest City, OK. Sometimes a filling is a bit too high and needs to be adjusted. If this is the case, it is an easy process to complete.

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