The Steps Taken During a Professional Teeth Cleaning Lincoln Square

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Dentist

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In order for a person’s mouth to remain in optimal health, it is recommended that they have their teeth professional cleaned once every six months. In order to fully understand why these cleanings are so important, it is encouraged that individuals take the time to learn about what the Teeth Cleaning Lincoln Square process is. During this semi-annual appointment the dentist will be able to examine the mouth and ensure that their patient is not at risk for potential complications. If they are, the dentist will then be able to schedule another appointment to treat the symptoms.

Teeth Cleaning Lincoln Square entails several steps in order to ensure a patient’s mouth is as clean as possible. During the appointment, individuals can expect the follow things to be completed:

1. Tooth scaling – The process of removing plaque and calculus, as these two are known for causing inflammation

2. Tooth polishing – This step smooths the surface of teeth, which makes it harder for plaque to attach itself to the tooth’s surface in the future

3. Debridgement – This step is only performed if the amount of tartar buildup is excessive

4. Fluoride treatment – This step is also optional and will depend on the dentist’s personal preference. Fluoride is a topical treatment that can be applied to a patient’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay

5. Quick exam – Once the hygienist have completed the professional cleaning, the dentist will then visit with their patient to quickly examine the mouth and ensure that they are in good oral health. This step can be done by simply viewing the mouth

6. X-rays – This step is not required for every cleaning appointment, however, dentists may perform an x-ray about once a year to ensure that the patient does not have any cavities, or any other periodontal issues

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