The Qualities of a Great Oral Surgeon St. Augustine FL

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Dentists

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Do you live in St. Augustine FL? If so, make looking for a great oral surgeon St. Augustine FL a priority. Not only do you never know when you might find yourself in need of oral surgery or care, but your teeth are part of your body, and so dental care is part and parcel of overall medical care. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for a great oral surgeon in St. Augustine FL.

Make Sure Your Surgeon has Experience

Oral surgery is an exact and complicated science, so an oral surgeon should first and foremost be qualified. Just as a doctor is required to have an MD, Doctor of Medicine degree, an oral surgeon is required to have a post graduate DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery, degree. Consider how many years of experience an oral surgeon has gained after achieving his or her degree.

Also, take the time and initiataive to thoroughly research your potential oral surgeon. Check into the testimonials of current and former patients and see what reviews they have to give of his or her service. Also look at before and after galleries on the oral surgeon’s website if possible to see examples of his or her dental work and accomplishments.

Look for A Variety of Service

A great oral surgeon St. Augustine FL should be able to provide you with an array of dental care services, whatever your needs may be. The following are examples of what services an oral surgeon should be capable of providing you with:

    • Comprehensive dental care: A great oral surgeon should perform a comprehensive check up of your oral health, including taking moulds and conducting an oral cancer screening.
    • Orthodontic care: Whether you need braces or invisible alignments, an oral surgeon should be able to properly align your teeth and jaws, or to refer you to someone who can.
    • Cosmetic or restorative dentistry: If your teeth have been broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged in any way, make sure that a great oral surgeon can insert restorative materials such as fillings, crowns, or caps.
    • Implant dentistry: If you have lost or are missing a tooth and need a replacement, make sure that a great oral surgeon can provide you with an implant, an artificial root over which a crown or bridge is subsequently placed.

St. John’s Family Dentistry has many who fit the description of great oral surgeon in St. Augustine FL. To learn more, please visit them online!

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