The Importance of Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Dentist

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Every year, millions of people avoid seeing the dentist because they are afraid. Dental anxiety is more common than people might believe. When you are nervous about seeing the dentist, it can be impossible to go through dental appointments of any kind. This is why Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC was developed. Through these dentists, you can have the anxiety support you need so dental appointments are much less stressful.

Sedation dentistry has become increasingly popular to help people get the dental care they need for healthy teeth. Some people have such a severe level of anxiety they are unable to have their teeth cleaned or even enter a dental office at all. For these people, sedation is crucial.

When you meet with a dentist for Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC, your health history will be discussed, along with your dental anxiety. It is important you share exactly what you are feeling, without being embarrassed. The dentist has been trained in helping people with all levels of dental anxiety. He or she will work to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Visit the site for complete details.

  • Mild sedation is given when you are able to be awake for a procedure. This is done for minor care procedures, such as in teeth cleaning. Mild sedation helps to calm you and make you less nervous during your appointment.
  • Moderate sedation will often make you sleepy, but will not totally sedate you. You may have this when you are having a tooth pulled or if your anxiety level is moderate to severe and you are unable to handle any type of dental care without feeling majorly anxious.
  • Total sedation can be used for different reasons. If you have severe anxiety, the dentist can sedate you for any type of dental work. This means you will be completely asleep during the procedure so you are not aware of what is being done.

No matter what level of anxiety you suffer with, sedation dentistry can help. To get the help you need in getting dental care, contact Tatum Dentistry. Allow them to assist you in knowing what sedation can be given so you can have any type of dental care services performed.

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