The four types of sedation dentistry

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Dental Care

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There are four different types of sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs; oral, intravenous, nitrous oxide and general anesthesia. The type of oral sedation that the dentist uses on a patient all depends on the patient and the patient’s situation. Dental sedation is used to calm a patient, one who is anxious about dental procedures or needles. By using the appropriate type of dental sedation the dentist can help his or her patient relax, making it much easier for both the patient and the dentist. Most dental sedation methods do not put the patient right to sleep; it simply relaxes the patient so they have no fear of receiving a local anesthetic or even the procedure, in most cases the patient remembers nothing of the treatment.

The most common and the most well known form of sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs makes use of Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The dentist fixes a breathing tube to the patient, as the patient breathes normally it will be a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, within a matter of minutes the patient becomes very relaxed, almost euphoric but remains conscious. Nitrous oxide does nothing to reduce pain so the dentist will still use a local anesthetic. Once the procedure is finished the effects of the gas wear off very quickly and the patient can leave the office unassisted.

Another type of sedative is administered directly into the patient’s vein. As with nitrous oxide, the objective of IV sedation is to simply relax the patient. When the dentist elects to use IV sedation the patient stills remains conscious but the sedative effect is deeper. During the procedure the dentist must maintain a high state of awareness as the patient may become so relaxed that breathing is impaired.

Oral sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs is one which usually begins before the patient sits in the dental chair. The pill relaxes the patient; the patient feels less anxious and often does not remember the procedure. The patient remains conscious during the treatment and like nitrous oxide and IV sedation local anesthesia will be given to prevent the feeling of pain.

When the dental procedure is expected to take considerable time or is very complex the dentist will rely on general anesthesia. In this case the patient is sleeping and feels no pain. A patient who has had this type of sedation will need assistance for several hours after the procedure.

If you feel a certain degree of anxiety when it is time to visit the dentist then your dentist will suggest sedation. To make your appointment more pleasant sedation dentistry in Colorado Springs is routinely practiced at Lehman Drive Dental.

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