The Benefits of Dental Implants in Bristol

Missing teeth are cute when you are a kid and your adult teeth are growing in to replace them. Missing adult teeth are not so cute. Tooth implants are often used to replace missing adult teeth so you can smile freely again. However, the benefits of dental implants in Bristol go beyond just replacing the tooth and making your smile look better. The following will cover the other benefits of dental tooth implants.

Improved Function

A missing adult tooth can create problems with speech and chewing. It can depend on the location of the missing tooth, but any missing adult tooth should be replaced. An implanted tooth improves the ability to chew and speak properly. Not only do tooth implants look like your natural teeth, they also respond like natural teeth unlike fixed bridges that can cause stress on supporting teeth.

Maintains Facial Structure

Missing adult teeth affect your jawbone which in turn affects your facial structure. The jawbone deteriorates/shrinks over time when there is no tooth root to support the area. That causes the jaw and mouth to look sunken in where the teeth are missing. Dental implants are a better remedy for this problem. The implant process involves installing a titanium post upon which a prosthetic tooth is placed which helps maintain jaw and facial structure.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

It’s a well-known fact that when you look better, you feel better about yourself. One of the issues with missing adult teeth is the loss of healthy self-esteem. Replacing your adult teeth with dental implants helps to restore not only the tooth, but your self-esteem. If you are a good candidate for implants, your dentist will know and you can enjoy a better level of self-esteem again.

These are just a few of the primary benefits you can enjoy when you can have dental implants. Your dentist can go over the pros and cons, risks, complications, and other concerns you might have about this kind of tooth replacement. You may require bone grafts or other surgery before dental implants can be placed which is why an exam and evaluation is needed before you can have this done. Newport Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can help you find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants and help improve your smile.



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