The Benefits of a Teeth Whitening Procedure

Whitening of the teeth can be done by whitening products or dental procedures. These products and procedures use a bleaching system to whiten discoloured and stained teeth. The process has become increasingly popular, and having teeth whitened has become routine for some people. Even though these people may not even have discolourations, they may use whitening to remain attractive to others. Although the products are great, most find the brightest smiles come from a procedure done by general or cosmetic dentists. So, those who concerned about discolourations or who want a blindly white smile should seek the assistance of a professional.

Tooth whitening procedures performed by dentists can include actually bleaching the teeth. The dentists use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide products, which are oxidizing. Basically, these products seep into the teeth and “bleach out” bacterial deposits and stains. This procedure also whitens the dentine layer and enamel of the teeth. With regular visits, the process can greatly whiten the teeth.

Although a professional has to perform the whitening procedure, some of the products they use are also available to consumers and can be used at home. However, dentists use the oxidizing products in high concentrations. This means, instead of whitening teeth over time, they immediately become brighter. Teeth Whitening in Keizer, OR a professional environment also requires care for the gums and surrounding tissues. This prevents chemical burns.

Most people seek out Teeth Whitening in Keizer, OR for its benefits. Whitening the teeth can enhance self-image and increase self-esteem. It is also a fast and inexpensive treatment to get. In addition, it gets rid of bacteria so, while whitening, it also cleans the teeth. The benefits might be great, but there are also risks. For example, whitening can cause tooth sensitivity and irritation around the gums. However, these problems are minor and usually resolve themselves in a few days. So, they are not a deterrent for those who want to whiten their teeth. The dental procedure can be seen as one that is simple, fast, and inexpensive. Plus, there are dentists who offer a FREE Whitening Special and other money-saving products for customers. Contact Shoreview Dental today to get started.


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