The Basics Of Endodontics Within The Dental Profession

Endodontics is a specialized field of dental work that deals specifically with root canal issues and tooth extractions. All endodontists are trained dentists, but not all dentists are trained endodontists. In order to become qualified in Endodontics in Elmwood Park IL, dentists must receive additional training and certification.

Following the completions of a dental degree, different countries offer a variety of trainings in order to become an endodontist. In the United States, accredited programs through the American Dental Association (CODA) often take two years to complete. The schooling period culminates in an exam similar to the bar examination for lawyers that officially qualifies a dentist to practice Endodontics.

Training to practice Endodontics in Elmwood Park IL requires proficient knowledge of what is commonly called “tooth pulp”. In essence, tooth pulp is tissue that forms part of the central make-up of a tooth. Among the functions of tooth pulp is the task of alerting the body and nervous system when tooth decay reveals the dentine portion of the tooth. This results in varied pain levels in a patient via hot or cold objects coming in contact with the tooth. Pulpitis occurs when there is extreme irritation and swelling. Often, these symptoms signal the need for a root canal, which is one of the primary procedures endodontists are trained to administer.

Sometimes, a prerequisite for a root canal procedure is a “pulpectomy”. A pulpectomy aims to remove the infected part of the root and provide a temporary filling. The root canal, then, involves simply filling the cleaned out portion and sealing it. Once again, due to the specialized nature of the procedure, people who practice Endodontics in Elmwood Park IL will be uniquely qualified to handle these kinds of dental issues.

The primary goal of an endodontist is to save a tooth that is so badly infected or decayed from needing to be pulled. While many people believe it is better to avoid a root canal at all costs, any dental professional will tell you that it’s always in your best interest to preserve your original teeth! That said, in cases where a tooth does need to be extracted, endodontists should be viewed as the best choice. Primary care dentists can help make the determination if an extraction might be appropriate, but only an Endodontics should make the final decision to move forward with such a procedure.

Within the dental profession, the practice of Endodontics in Elmwood Park IL represents an important branch of the field that is uniquely qualified to diagnose and address root canal issues.


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