Teeth Whitening in Riverton Transforms a Smile

by | May 22, 2014 | Dental Services

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Selecting a dental practice is an important part of a person’s healthcare. People need a practice that can provide many different services. Even people who see their dentist every six months, may need an Emergency Dentist because they were in a car accident. Family members will have very different concerns. Teens may want to make sure that Teeth Whitening in Riverton procedures are available, while their grandparent is concerned about denture repairs. Willingboro Family Dental can accommodate all of these needs.

Chemical bleaching gels are the most common Teeth Whitening in Riverton techniques. A dentist can either apply these in his office or give the patient trays to take home. The in-office treatment takes about 90 minutes and can whiten teeth up to eight shades. At-home trays must be worn for 30 minutes each day for about two weeks. Usually patients see their teeth become up to six shades whiter using this method. Patients and their dentist can determine which approach is best for them.

However, not all discolored teeth respond to chemical whitening. Teeth can become gray because of disease, medications or injury. This type of discoloration has to be treated my covering it. A single tooth that was injured in an accident, can be covered by a porcelain crown. The size, shape and color is carefully matched to the surrounding teeth. The result is a natural-looking tooth. It takes from two to three visits to complete the process. The porcelain crown will last for many decades.

If the discoloration is widespread, the dentist may recommend veneers. In addition to Teeth Whitening in Riverton, veneers can reshape teeth. If the patient has gaps between their teeth, these can be filled in as well. The dentist will examine the teeth and make sure that they are healthy enough for veneers. Since a small amount of enamel has to be removed, he will make sure that the patient has sufficient enamel. After buffing away the enamel, he will take impressions. These will be used to make the veneers, which will be cemented into place. The process usually takes three visits. The result is a perfect smile filled with white teeth.

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