Teeth Whitening In Beverly Can Give You Back Your Winning Smile

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Dental Services

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While it sounds shallow, a fair bit of our opinions in regards to unknown individuals centers around our first impressions of them. Well before a single word is uttered things like a person’s smile are taken into consideration when determining approachability, confidence and even perceived general demeanor. Let’s face it, a bright engaging smile is one of the more under-rated gifts to help even the most timid person be seen as confident in both personal and business interactions. For many, taking quality care of teeth and gums includes ensuring their teeth are as brilliant a shade as possible.

When looking into the options for Teeth Whitening in Beverly and the surrounding area, many people first pay the local drug store a visit. Over the counter procedures often attract individuals to try them out first based on a potentially misguided concept: the thought that OTC whitening kits are cheaper while producing similar results. What is often missing from the cost equation is that while a whitening provided by a dental professional may be more cost upfront, its results are met the same day.

Not only are over the counter products messy and tend to use cumbersome, uncomfortable mouthpieces, they are also designed for longer-term usage. Often, people find themselves paying more for the same results a single visit to their General Dentist for a whitening treatment would have cost.

The cause, type and severity of discoloration should also play a critical part in deciding to invest in a professional whitening service rather than over the counter products. More than just age, there are many factors that can contribute to stains and general discoloration of an individual’s teeth. Genetics, age, diet and even certain medications can all play a factor in dulling a once brilliant smile. There is no question that certain habits like smoking wreak havoc on the integrity of enamel, causing spotting to occur.

Certain acidic foods such as citrus fruits, cola and even wine can alter the chemistry of the mouth, weakening the surface of teeth. Some medications such as antibiotics can cause discoloration that may prove permanent. No matter the reason, the best results are based upon condition and goal. Why not take the time to schedule an appointment with your dentist to discuss options that are best for you?

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