Take Care of Your Teeth with Dental Draper, UT

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Dental Care

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Taking care of your teeth is one of the most important jobs you have on a daily basis. Good oral hygiene means a healthier body overall. For some people, going to the dentist on a regular schedule for check-ups and cleanings is a scary thing. The best way to overcome that anxiousness is to find a caring and compassionate dentist and staff like the Dental Draper, UT team. They welcome each new patient and make them feel comfortable at the dentist no matter what their past experiences might have been. This is the first step to making trips to the dentist part of a regular routine.

Getting your teeth cleaned every six months and having a professional check them over is the only way to ensure proper dental health. The smallest issue in the mouth can turn into a much bigger problem if it is not dealt with in a timely manner. The expert team at Dental Draper UT uses the latest technology to get accurate pictures of the teeth, roots and gums. Using these state of the art images, the dentist can determine if there are any problems hiding from plain sight.

Another piece of technology that has been put to use in this dentist office is a machine that can handle same day crowns. Nobody ever wants to hear that they need a crown on a tooth because that means a lot of drilling and then a two week wait time to get the permanent crown put on. During those two weeks, there is a temporary crown in place, but it never feels very secure. The new technology can take an impression and mold and make the crown right on the spot that same day. The crown is made of durable porcelain and it would be colored to match the teeth around it.

This same type of technology can be used for fillings as well. Teeth that have cavities can be filled that same day, and the new filling would be tooth colored rather than the old style silver amalgam fillings. Getting great dental care means going to a experienced dentist that is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and understanding of the diverse needs of the patients.

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