Root Canal Procedure and Effects

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Dental Services

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Getting a root canal is one of the most common dental operations and is dreaded by many people. In actuality, with today’s medicine, root canals are almost painless during the procedure due to anesthetics and the aftermath leaves the tooth only slightly sensitive. The removal of the infection in the tooth will leave an individual with much less pain than they went in within a matter of hours. Here’s all you need to know about getting a Root Canal Treatment in Billings MT:

Causes and the Procedure of Getting a Root Canal

Symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal include tenderness when touching the tooth, tenderness in the surrounding area, discoloring and drainage from the tooth, and extreme sensitivity to heat and cold. Sometimes these symptoms are not even present, but the threats of tooth loss are still there. A root canal is necessary when the tissue within the canal becomes infected. In the procedure, the endodontist removes the infected tissue, cleans the inside of the canal and then seals it. In the time following a root canal, the dentist will set up another appointment to add a crown to the tooth. After this, the tooth will function much like any other tooth.

The Aftereffects of Getting a Root Canal

While very common and highly successful, root canals are complex procedures that involve working in very difficult to reach areas. Treated teeth are very susceptible to fractures or failure of the treatment if not handled properly. It is important to follow all instructions from the dentist. While there may be pain or sensitivity after the procedure, simple medicines such as ibuprofen will relieve most if not all of the pain. It is essential that you do not chew or bite down using the tooth until the second appointment when the crown is applied. Clean the tooth as normal with brushing and flossing, but do not cause excessive pain from attempting to clean the tooth. If the original pain from the infection comes back in the future, it is possible to perform another root canal on the same tooth. When treated and cared for properly, root canals can be simple procedures that are relatively painless.

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