Questions About An Emergency Dentist When You Have A Knocked Out Tooth

by | Dec 10, 2014 | dentistry

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Even though you regularly visit the dentist for a checkup, you may one day experience a dental emergency. If you accidentally get one of your teeth knocked out, it’s imperative that you see an Emergency Dentist as soon as you can. Below you’ll discover frequently asked questions about dental emergencies.

Q.) Is it true that a knocked out tooth should be placed in milk?

A.) Yes, if one of your teeth gets knocked out of its socket, put it into a small container of milk. You only need enough milk to cover the tooth. If the tooth has landed on the ground and it’s dirty, rinse it off before placing it into the milk. Try not to come into contact with the root as you’re picking up the tooth. If you don’t have any milk available, place the tooth into a small container of water to keep it moist until you reach the dental clinic. If your tooth stays moist, it’s a good chance that the tooth can be saved after a dentist places it back into the socket.

Q.) What can be done about bleeding if a tooth gets knocked out?

A.) If your mouth is bleeding due to to a knocked out tooth, place a damp wash cloth on the area that’s bleeding and bite down or apply pressure. Don’t remove the wash cloth until your gums stop bleeding.

Q.) What does a dentist do to save a knocked out tooth?

A.) Upon your arrival at the dental clinic, an Emergency Dentist will examine the tooth and look for any damage. The dentist will also look inside of your mouth at the empty socket. After preparing your mouth and the tooth, the dentist will place the tooth back into its original space. The dentist will attach a splint to your teeth to keep the tooth in place while it reattaches itself to the gums.

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