Professional Teeth Whitening in West Creek

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Have you ever considered trying professional Teeth Whitening in West Creek? Manahawkin Family Dental offers cosmetic services such as Lumalite teeth whitening, smile makeovers, bonding, clear braces, veneers, and Dental Implants. Additionally, the dental professionals here also provide more traditional dental services such as a complete oral exam, a full mouth series of x-rays, regular cleaning with polishing, screening for oral cancer, and an evaluation for periodontal or gum disease. Plus, new patients get a welcome package which includes these services that saves the patient 150 dollars! This is a really great deal!

If you have been thinking about Teeth Whitening in West Creek, you have probably compared prices of the over-the-counter whitening kits to the price your dentist charges. The home kits are cheaper, but there are several good reasons to stick with a professional whitening. Whitening kits take a long time to get your teeth white. It may take two to four weeks or more before you notice any difference in your teeth. With a professional treatment, your smile can be whiter in under an hour.

Another reason to have a  as Professional Teeth Whitening opposed to using a home do it yourself kit is that your teeth turn out whiter. Dentists have access to stronger products that are considerably more effective than the do it yourself kits. For instance, the hydrogen peroxide you buy at the drugstore is typically three percent strength. The peroxide your dentist uses is up to 35 percent strength. The professional products are considerably more powerful which results in much whiter teeth.

Problems with home whitening kits includes the pain the some folks experience as well as tooth sensitivity. This happens when the bleaching agent is applied incorrectly and comes in contact with soft tissues in the mouth such as the gums. A dentist has the skill and knowledge to correctly apply the agent without pain.

Finally, home treatment kits are not strong enough to handle dark stains. You dentist has the stronger agent to coat your teeth with, and he may use lights and lasers to get the tough stains out. It makes sense to get your teeth whitened professionally for the best job possible.

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