Periodontal & Gum Therapy – a comparative study

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The mouth feeds you with food, pampers you with delicacies and helps you survive. It is the home of one of the five basic senses in the human body. Hence it is very important to take proper care of it. One of the most important parts of the mouth is the periodontium tissue. Periodontal & Gum Therapy go hand in hand and help you enjoy your favorite food with a healthy set of teeth.

An Introduction

The Periodontium is a specialized tissue which surrounds and supports the teeth, maintaining them in the maxillary and mandibular bones. It consists of the Alveolar bone, Cementum, Gingiva or gums and the periodontal ligament. It is prone to periodontal diseases which may require gum therapy. Periodontal diseases are fairly common among people, but unfortunately due to the lack of awareness they often go undiagnosed.

Kinds of gum therapy

If you or someone you know is suffering from any such periodontal diseases then do not waste time and visit your doctor as soon as you can. These are treatable diseases and they damage caused by them is fairly reversible if diagnosed and treated in time. Periodontal & gum therapy need more awareness. There are two kids of gum therapy, the first is the traditional gum surgery and the second is the LANAP laser gum therapy.


In traditional gum therapy the gums are flapped back with the help of a scalpel to expose the roots of the teeth. The doctor is then able to clean the tartar from the jawbone and the roots of teeth. In case of damage or defects are found in the bones, a bone graft material is places to reshape the bone structure. Sometimes it becomes necessary to excise the gums up to 3mm to clean the patient’s mouth effectively.

LANAP gum therapy is much simpler and non invasive. The gum does not need to be flapped or excised. The laser fiber is place in the periodontal pocket between the teeth and the gums. The laser is then aimed and pulses fired to selectively ablate the scar tissue and tartar from the gum linings. This also kills the bacteria. The roots can then be cleaned using an ultrasonic pulse emitter. The laser is then again used to seal the cuff of the teeth. With this kind of gum therapy the body heals itself without the need of any foreign material to be introduced.

Care for the periodontal & gum therapy is not something to be taken lightly. If not taken care of in time, it can cause you much pain and discomfort.

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