Patients Find Help for Their Snoring in New Iberia, LA

by | May 10, 2017 | Dental Care

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Patients who suffer from chronic obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, often snore. Other patients who snore may do so because they need to change their sleeping position or lose weight. When behavioral changes are made, however, and the person still continues to snore, he or she must find a device that will open up their airway. This type of appliance is normally made by a dentist who is well-versed in making devices for this type of breathing difficulty.

Why Does a Person Snore?

So, what exactly causes a person to produce those distractive nighttime sounds? When a person snores, air travels over their mouth and tongue almost turbulently. This type of abnormal air flow causes the uvula at the back of the mouth as well as the soft palate to vibrate. The resulting sound that is emitted is both harsh and dissonant. That is why people who experience snoring in New Iberia, LA often see a dentist to have an appliance made.

Possible Reasons for the Condition

In order to alleviate this type of condition then, you first need to identify the reason why you snore. Some of the causes of snoring include aging, weight gain, sleep positioning, oral anatomy, OSA, or nasal congestion. So, if you snore when you sleep, it can result from any of the aforementioned causes.

The Most Common Reason

With that being said, however, weight gain is the most common reason for snoring. That is because a person who is overweight develops thicker tissues in the neck. As a result, these thicker tissues place a strain on the throat. Because the muscle tone is also weakened, a person will snore when they sleep.

If the condition cannot be cured by losing weight or taking other measures, you will need to see a dental specialist, such as the professionals at Babineaux Family Dental. They can make an appliance for you that will open up your airways and keep the peace in your household whenever you drift off to sleep.

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