Options in Teeth Whitening Pomona

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With the opportunity for a brighter smile, many people turn to professionals. There are plenty of products on store shelves, but nothing beats a dentist offering Teeth Whitening Pomona. Bleaching is a common way to whiten natural teeth. However, there are other options a dentist uses to achieve a great smile. A white smile is youthful and people who smile appear approachable. When a person is ashamed of how dingy their smile is, it can affect his or her psyche.

The most obvious form of  Teeth Whitening Pomona is using a bleaching agent. Traditional methods use dental trays that are filled with a bleaching solution. The solution is applied by filling the trays and fitting them over teeth. After a week or more of regular bleaching, the patient ends up with teeth that are shades whiter. Another bleaching option is Lumalite. This is a quicker way of achieving whiter smile. The is offered over the course of an hour and uses a light source. It is more expensive than traditional bleaching methods, but much faster.

Bleaching is not the only way to get whiter teeth. Patients who want to fix crooked teeth or even them out may opt for veneers. Veneers provide a more uniform appearance. It requires applying porcelain over teeth, leaving each tooth look perfect. For teeth that are yellowed, but do not respond to bleaching methods, the wearer can still get brighter-looking teeth with veneers.

Dental bonding also lightens one’s smile. Bonding is different from veneers because a resin is applied to the teeth and a light is shone on the resin to make it hard. This resin can be used to fill in cracks and make a fragile tooth stronger. It straightens teeth, too. People often elect to have the front teeth done to make a smile appear straight. It is ideal for those who prefer to combine repair and brighter teeth in one step.

As with any Teeth Whitening Pomona, be sure to mull over the various options. Discuss which procedure will work best. Consider the costs, as well. Most of all, only allow an experienced dentist in Pomona to do the work .

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