Juvederm Administered at a Periodontics Office in St. Charles, IL

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Dentist

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Juvederm St. Charles IL is a cosmetic procedure that can help patients get rid of facial wrinkles, including the parentheses lines around the mouth. It isn’t a permanent solution, but patients can go back for repeated treatments. Patients love it because it’s a non-surgical procedure. There is no down time involved, especially the kind of down time you need after surgery to recover from anesthesia, hide at home until the swelling and bruising goes down, and missing work. With Juvederm, you’re in the office for your appointment and then you’re out and back to your routine, but looking and feeling great about yourself.

For patients who may have been considering a face lift, but who were having doubts about the costs, the time involved, and wondering if they would be happy with the results, Juvederm has been a good solution. It’s much less expensive, you get fast results, and there is no downtime. Your doctor’s office may have a gallery of before and after pictures to show you so you know what you may expect. If not, you can always check on the Juvederm website, where you can see before and after pictures for yourself.

Juvederm replaces the hyaluronic acid in our skin that make the skin look full and fresh. Juvederm can be used even on severe facial wrinkles, and it can fill in the nasolabial folds, which are those indentions around the nose. Although the results are only considered temporary, they may last as long as a year.

When you think about it, who better to administer Juvederm St. Charles IL than Business Name, which is a medical specialty that includes the study of the facial structure, including bones, soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels? The office is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. They are dedicated to patients’ health and well-being. While Juvederm may be a cosmetic procedure, its still one that deserves to be administered under the best conditions possible, with all medical precautions against cross contamination, and by a medical professional who understands both the scientific, medical component as well as the aesthetic one.

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