It Is Easy To Look Great With High Tech Dentistry In Camas, Washington

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Dental Services

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A partial denture or a bridge used to be the only option for people with missing teeth. That is not the case anymore. The problem can be addressed with dental implants. The dentist makes a plan for each patient based on their needs. Next, a titanium post is placed in the bone cavity of the missing tooth. The area takes about two to three months to heal. During this time, bone grows around the implant and secures it.

When the area is healed, a post is attached to the titanium post. The dentist makes an impression of the patient’s bite in order to make a crown. Finally, the crown is attached to the post. Likewise, High Tech Dentistry in Camas WA is used to make cosmetic changes. On the other hand, porcelain veneers are used to cover some teeth. Veneers are thin shells that look like the front of a tooth. The veneer is bonded to a tooth to correct many problems including.

  • gaps in teeth
  • worn teeth
  • teeth with unusual shapes
  • discolored teeth
  • broken teeth

Patients at Lewis Family Dentistry are exposed to a lot of High Tech Dentistry in Camas WA. The office uses some of the newest technology. For instance, intraoral cameras are available. These digital cameras are used to let the patient see what is going on in their mouths. This way, the dentist consults with the patient and instantly gives them treatment options. The images go directly to the patient’s file for storage. It is much easier for a patient to make a decision when they can see clearly.

Likewise, there have been major improvements in dental x-rays. X-rays are digital now and help the dentist to get a clearer picture of problem areas. Digital x-rays are easier to make. Indeed, a sensor replaces the use of film. The sensor receives images and sends them to a computer screen. Dentists like being able to digitally compare new and old x-rays. Further, everyone wants to limit their exposure to radiation. Thanks to technology, only a little radiation is used to make dental x-rays. The next time you visit a dentist, make sure they use the latest technology. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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