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by | Sep 8, 2012 | Dentists

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In USA fluoridated water is provided in different areas, including Westville and an association of dentists has claimed that such water is necessary for good oral health, and prevents from tooth decay. This provision is a continuous process since 1960, due to which the rate of diseases has decreased. Moreover, the process has proved to be cost effective as a normal person cannot afford dental treatments, which are very expensive. This is how ADA got a solution to deal with costly treatments for majorities.

The importance of fluoride was recognized, when it was discovered in rocks, ocean water, soil and in fresh water long ago. Being a natural element, it was found to be very safe besides fluoride is naturally available in a large quantity in water available in USA. The level required for good oral health starts from 0.7 and goes up to 1.2 parts per million. Though in some areas natural fluoride level is compatible to the required figure, but in many areas this is not so, as the level has increased up to 12 parts per million. So, in this case it has to be adjusted by the authorities, so that the figure become in a right proportion.

Various communities have reported that tooth decay has decreased among the residents of USA, and oral health has improved a lot. It’s also found that 60 percent of tooth decay can be prevented among kids this way. Though many tooth pastes are developed with fluoride in them and mouth washes are also available, but they can prevent only 35 percent of tooth decay among adults, whereas this figure is 18 percent among children, hence water fluoridation becomes necessary for better results in terms of preventing the decay. Dentists in Westville have proved the importance of fluoride through various research works.

Not only in US alone, instead such water is provided to the communities in 60 countries around the world, whereas according to a research 170 million people are getting an advantage from fluoridated water. According to different organizations, and scientists a certain level of fluoridation is good for health and not harmful at all. ADA in this regard keeps on working with community groups, and dental societies to give benefit to maximum people. Different other sectors which have proved the importance of such water include PHS i.e. public health service department, and CDS i.e. center for disease control in US. Similar types of departments are also present in other countries, which work together to provide healthy water.

So, fluoridated water is safe, and it is cost effective in preventing tooth decay, and other dental diseases, i.e. it does not let the disease happen. But if you see a serious problem in your teeth you must see a dentist, as it’s not good to just rely on natural water. Those who can afford should see their dentist on regular basis, so that oral health is protected. In Westville you can find some good dentists to get more guidance in terms of fluoride, and its benefits.

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