Getting a Dental Implant in Dubuque

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Dentist

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Having teeth that are defective can be painful and cause a person to hide her smile behind her hand. When this happens, a person often sends out a false negative impression so others. Also, a dental patient that is ashamed of her teeth will sometimes not interact as much due to embarrassment over her grin. This can cause a decline in self-esteem and well-being. A person with this problem needs to see a dentist that offers preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry so she can have her teeth repaired or replaced.However, some teeth are beyond repair and need to be replaced. There are a few options to this including getting a Dental Implant Dubuque for one or more teeth.

A Dental Implant Dubuque is a dental prosthetic that is inserted into the root part of a tooth. This device is a tiny rod that will support a dental appliance on top of it such as a crown. If one or more dental implants in a row are put in, a person can have a bridge put on or a series of crowns. Being inserted inserted into the jawbone of the mouth will help encourage fusion with the jawbone so the Dental Implant Dubuque can be held firmly in place.

Most dental implants are made of titanium or other material that is conducive to being in the mouth. Sometimes one or more teeth will need to be extracted before the dental implants are put in. This will require a healing time of about one to two months before further procedures can take place. After this, a tiny hole will be drilled where the dental hardware will be put in. Four to six months will be needed before a dental replacement such as a crown or bridge can be put on top of the dental implant. During this time, the implant will hopefully ossify, or become part of, the jawbone.

There are some considerations that must be taken into account before a dental patient can get a dental implant. The dental practitioner will work with a patient to decide on the best course of action regarding treatment.

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