Get Root Canal Treatment from a Dentist in Broken Arrow OK

The thought of having root canal treatment can make your stomach do backflips, and not in a good way. Pain, discomfort and deep decay can affect a patient who has root canal problem, but with help from a dentist in Broken Arrow OK, successful treatment can be provided. If you do not contact a dentist in Broken Arrow OK the bacteria inside the mouth can multiply and invade one or more teeth. Regular brushing can prevent this from happening but if you are already suffering with serious pulp infection, it is time to arrange an appointment with a dentist in Broken Arrow OK.

Dealing with the Infection

First of all, the dentist in Broken Arrow OK will need to tackle the infection head-on. In order to do this he or she will need to inspect your mouth closely to determine how serious the problem is, how many teeth are affected, etc. Pulp is made up of very soft tissue and when this becomes infected, it will deteriorate rapidly. As the pulp dies, the teeth and nerves will become exposed, which will be very painful. When bacteria continue to travel into the root canal, it will fester there until the gums become so swollen that the patient can no longer deal with it. At this stage, the dentist will decide whether or not root canal treatment in Broken Arrow OK or tooth removal is the right choice.

The Root Canal Procedure

If the dentist in Broken Arrow OK decides to go forward with the root canal procedure, the bacteria will need to be removed from the root canal system. Before this is done the patient will receive a local anesthetic to numb the pain. When the anesthetic kicks in the dentist can fill the root canal to prevent bacteria from building up again in the future. Although you may leave the dentist with inflamed gums, the swelling will recede over time.

Recovery and Aftercare

You might feel a little but uncomfortable following root canal treatment but this is completely normal. In 9 out of 10 cases the tooth can be salvaged and you will likely be prescribed some medication to prevent the pain from affecting you too much. You should gently brush your teeth and swill your mouth with suitable mouthwash after the treatment. Every few weeks or months the dentist in Broken Arrow OK will ask you to visit them, so that he or she can examine the mouth and determine how well the root canal is healing. Learn more about our children’s sedation services.




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