Full or Partial Dentures in New Hartford, NY

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Dental Care

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A denture is a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. Dentures are well schooled in the production of either partial or full dentures. As the name implies, full dentures are used as a replacement for the whole upper or lower set of teeth whereas a partial denture is used to replace one or two missing teeth.

Teeth loss is usually the result of dental disease, periodontal disease or tooth decay. There are other reasons such as malnutrition and drug use and genetic defects. Whatever the cause, dentures are called for to aid in eating and digestion, as well as cosmetics. Dentures, as the replace both teeth and jaw provide support for the cheeks and lips and eliminates the collapsed look of having no teeth.

To prepare for dentures, the dentist first removes the teeth. Once the gums begin to heal, the process of making and placing the denture can begin. The normal time from tooth removal to denture placement is about 8-12 weeks. A complete denture can be either immediate or conventional. An immediate denture is produced prior to the extraction process and is positioned the moment the teeth come out. This approach allows the patient to have teeth immediately and is of immense benefit if you are involved with the public. The disadvantage of immediate dentures is the amount of adjustments that have to be done because the bones and gums shrink and change shape.

The ideal way is to consider the immediate denture as a temporary solution only. As the gums continue to heal, the dentist can finally take the impressions and have the conventional denture produced. The adjustment of a conventional denture is minimal and perhaps only has to be done once a year.

Partial dentures in New Hartford, NY are oftentimes referred to as a Bridge. The bridge is made of flesh tone plastic with replacement teeth imbedded in. This composition is integral with a metal frame that holds the bridge in place by spanning the gap to solid teeth which have been crowned and then fixing the bridge permanently to the crowns. A permanent bridge is superior to a removable bridge as it stops any movement of the remaining teeth and looks natural. A removable bridge on the other hand fixes to the adjacent teeth with clips.

Dentures, either full or partial are made in the same fashion. Once the dentist has made his assessment and decided which is the best solution a series of steps are taken. A series of impressions of the jaw is made and measurements of the jaw interaction are taken. Models, usually wax or plastic are then made; the model is tried several times on the patient until the exact form has been reached. A final denture is then cast from the model with color matched teeth and a plastic gum, adjusted as necessary and the process is complete.

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