Finding The Right Emergency Dentist

by | Feb 15, 2014 | Dentist

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A dental emergency is something that occurs to everyone at least once during his or her lifetime. You have no control as an accident may traumatize your mouth and affect the ability of your teeth to perform normally. Chewing food, drinking and even sleeping may become impossible. When such acute pain occurs, you need to visit an emergency dentist. Oklahoma City, like other urban centers in the United States, offers you the choice of several to take care of the situation. Yet, what should an emergency dentist do and what characteristics best define him or her?

What does an Emergency Dentist do?

An emergency dentist must have a singular focus – to relieve you of all pain. This is the primary concern. Once, he or she accomplishes this – usually by the injection of various suitable painkillers, the second matter of interest is to look at how to treat it. As a result, the initial approach involves an examination of the affected area.

After closely examining the mouth, taking x-rays and compiling information, the emergency dentist will ascertain what is necessary to repair, replace or at least temporarily reduce the dental problem. This may involve scheduling further appointments with your own dentist. It will depend upon the severity and complexity of the problem.

While most dentists prefer to save a tooth, it may be necessary to remove it. In other instances, a replacement may serve the purpose better. Usually, today’s emergency dental work requires less return visits to the office. This is the result of the available technology. Dental equipment, today, is more sophisticated and capable of making repairs, adjustments and replacements within a day.

Characteristics of a Good Emergency Dentist

When the time comes that you need a good emergency dentist, have you considered what characteristics you are looking for? In all probability, you have not. Yet, it makes sense, that you should consider this matter well in advance. Why leave it until when you may be too much in pain to make a rational choice. Consider these characteristics:

  • Dental services are available 24/7
  • Good reputation
  • Skilled in the handling of different types of dental emergencies and, therefore, can provide a multitude of dental services with ease and skill
  • Knowledgeable about the latest and most highly developed technology

When you have a dental emergency, you have the right to expect the best possible care. You can only achieve this by knowing whom to turn to. It is important to locate in advance someone who suits your needs. Once you know this, you will be truly prepared if an emergency dental issue strikes. You will know exactly where to find the ideal emergency dentist, in Oklahoma or wherever you currently live and work.


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