Facts about Zirconium Dental Impalnts

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Dental Services

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First, the success of a dental implant is based according to proper surgical technique and the materials used. The materials should be bio-compatible so there is no rejection by the body, but amply supports the exert pressure due to masticatory forces. In this regard, titanium clearly meets such expectations, but also poses a significant aesthetic problem when the upper teeth are replaced, as the possibility of receding gums occur. You can see a dark line between the dental impalnts and the crown of the prosthesis, spoiling the smile with an appreciable metallic element.

To solve this problem, which can have a significant psychological impact on the patient, several materials have been investigated to replace titanium: porcelain, composites, hydroxyapatite, etc. However, all have failed to be either bio-compatible or very fragile. In recent years, investigations have identified a non-metallic material to be in compliance with all applicable requirements for dental impalnts and it partly solves the aesthetic problem posed by titanium. Zirconia, a ceramic material of extreme hardness and strength, was already used for the manufacture of braces and the construction of bridges and dental crowns.

Zirconium, in addition to its strength and toughness, provides some very advantageous characteristics in relation to dental implants:

  • It is white, very similar to the teeth.
  • They are very bio-compatible, so they are better tolerated by the gums.
  • The degree of osseointegration is less than titanium.
  • The material is plaque-resistant.
  • It is less allergenic than titanium.
  • Resists very well to temperature changes.
  • Unaffected by the corrosive effect of acids.
  • It is very durable to the point that some professionals offer a lifetime warranty.

All this has made today are many dentists believe that the future of dental implants is through zirconium, although experts have yet to determine its long-term functionality. In addition to this, zirconium is still more expensive than titanium implants. If you are interested in dental implants, schedule a consultation with a local dentist. Alan P. Friedler has over 37 Years of EXPERIENCE! He is well-versed in general and family dentistry and can help virtually any dental problem. Do not leave your smile to chance; get the help you need today.

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