Explaining Dentures, Partials, And Dental Implants in Phillipsburg

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If you’re like the millions of other people in the country, you’re probably concerned about the look of your teeth. It’s important to properly care for your teeth as much as possible. The more you care for your teeth the better chance you’ll have of keeping them intact as you get older. Unfortunately, many people go years without properly caring for their teeth, and have to result to things like partials, dentures, and the Dental Implants Phillipsburg has available. If you so happen to find yourself in this position, you’ll need to know the differences between these three options. Let’s look briefly at how implants, partials, and dentures differ.

We’re all familiar with dentures. Dentures are used to repair a person’s smile after one too many teeth have either decayed or fallen out. The process usually involves a person going to the dentist and having their teeth thoroughly examined. The Dentist will create a mold of the person’s mouth in order to create the dentures. In order for complete dentures to be used, the patient must have all of either the top or bottom row of teeth removed. This can be a very painful procedure, depending on the amount of teeth that are already missing. After the gums have healed, the dentures can be installed and removed at will.

Many people may not know what partials are. Partials are simply dentures that aren’t complete. Although dentures are for patients with too many missing or decaying teeth, partials are for those with only a few missing or decaying teeth. Partials are replacement teeth attached to a base with metal, that’s then placed in the person’s mouth. Your partials will simply work to fill in the gaps caused by your missing teeth.

If you’d like a more permanent solution, you can opt for the Dental Implants Phillipsburg has available. Just like dentures and partials, dental implants are used to replace missing or decaying teeth. However, implants aren’t removable like the other dental replacement options. Implants are false teeth that are drilled into the jawbone. They look and act exactly like real teeth, and most people can’t even tell the difference. Implants are permanent and can last for many years.

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