Ensure Your Children Have Healthy Teeth With Help From a Pediatric Dentist in Manassas VA

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Dentist

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Once you are an adult you know about the importance of tooth care as well as the proper procedures to make your teeth last your entire life, but young children need guidance to learn these things. The best way to ensure that your child grows up appreciating their teeth and enjoying dental visits is to start them out early. This means take your child to a pediatric dentist soon after the eruption of their first teeth or by their first birthday. Early association with oral procedures will make future visits much easier.

Unfortunately, many people think that baby teeth aren’t worth worrying about because the child will lose them anyway, but these early teeth can decay and develop caries (cavities) just like adult teeth. Tooth disease, caries and gingivitis can lead to serious infections that can harm your child. Childhood infections are often more dangerous than those an adult gets because children quickly succumb to illnesses. These problems are easily avoided by regular visit to a pediatric dentist in Manassas VA and the proper care of the child’s teeth.

Pediatric dentistry can also help improve how your child’s teeth grow. This may help reduce the requirement for strong alignment methods. Aligners such as braces are required for straightening severely crooked teeth or teeth that must be moved to close off spaces. Sometimes these changes can be made with the use of smaller aligners that can be removed. This can help boost your child’s self esteem. However, the use of aligners generally require the teeth to be in excellent shape, especially with the application of braces. This is where the pediatric dentist is important.

Ensuring your child has a healthy, beautiful smile is only part of the job. As a parent you also need to ensure the child develops excellent brushing, flossing and rinsing techniques. Without these tools their teeth won’t survive. At the very least they will end up needing fillings or caps, but most likely the teeth will need root canals and crowns or worse, removal and an implant. Thankfully, your child can avoid these problems with your help. Simply take them to a pediatric dentist in Manassas VA on a regular basis and teach them proper oral hygiene.

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