Enhancing Smiles With Dentistry Watertown TN

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Dentists

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Enhancing a smile provides many cosmetic and oral health benefits to individuals who invest in cosmetic dental procedures. A bright smile with healthy, straight teeth is a sign of excellent oral health care and a source of self confidence for many. While having a naturally perfect smile is rare, getting that perfect smile is very easy with cosmetic dentistry Watertown TN. Improving the look of a smile and teeth can provide practical benefits, too. When individuals lose a tooth or multiple teeth, their facial structure may be compromised. Losing teeth also makes it much more difficult to perform daily basic functions. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures like root implants are permanent solutions to these oral health problems.

Minor cosmetic dentistry Watertown TN procedures enhance a smile without any invasive or long term dental work. The most common and simple cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening uses a hydrogen peroxide based gel to remove yellow stains and other discolorations from the teeth. Teeth whitening is generally done over multiple sessions because teeth can become sensitive to the gel if they are overexposed. The amount of whitening sessions will depend on the patient’s requests and what the cosmetic dentist believes is best.

Root implants and porcelain veneers are considerably more in-depth dental procedures. They are also permanent procedures that completely change the look of teeth and the way the mouth appears. Root implants are false teeth used to replace one missing tooth or a row of several missing teeth. The “screw” part of these implants is shaped like a tooth root, so it fits naturally into the jaw bone. Porcelain veneers are very strong and bonded to the front of broken or otherwise damaged teeth. These veneers look and feel like natural and healthy teeth. This option is a bit more expensive than teeth whitening, but it is considered a long term investment by many who choose this procedure.

In order for patients to decide which cosmetic dental procedures are best for them, they should consult with their cosmetic dentist. Fully discussing all of the available cosmetic dental options is the best way to find an ideal smile enhancing solution.

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